Openbravo: Performance Tips

Posted on   Introduction This document describes some performance and security tips, recommended for production environments. Performance tips This is a list of tips to enhance Openbravo performance. Tomcat Compression If you want to use Tomcat in conjunction with Apache httpd then you can skip this part. In case you want to run a standalone […]


Ubuntu: Transfer Files Between to Ubuntu Servers via FTP

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Source: 1.  From Receipt Server Enter sftp -oPort=PORT user@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   2. Type Command get remote-path [local-path]   Other Commands cd path Changes remote directory to path. lcd path Changes local directory to path. chgrp grp path Changes group of file path to grp. grp must be a numeric GID. chmod mode path Changes permisssion of file path to mode. chown own path Changes owner of file path to own. own must be a numeric UID. exit Quits sftp get remote-path [local-path] Retrieves the remote-path and stores […]