November 17, 2014

POSTFIX: Configuring server to send external emails from Cron Messages

sudo vim /etc/aliases sudo vim /etc/mailname sudo service postfix restart
November 17, 2014

GOOGLE: Embed News on Website

Note that Google News is deprecated and will probably at some point STOP working: Link: My API Format{name}+{a01_pais_accounts_name}&rsz=large&hl=es
November 16, 2014

MAGENTO: No able to install Extension through MagentoConnect

Error: Checking dependencies of packages Installing package community/m2epro_ebay_magento 6.2.2 CONNECT ERROR: Failed to open file /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXXX/downloader/.cache/community/m2epro_ebay_magento-6.2.2/app/code/community/Ess/M2ePro/Block/Adminhtml/Wizard/InstallationEbay/Installation/ModeConfirmation/   Checklist: 1) Turn of Magento Compilation 2) Turn on […]
November 16, 2014

MAGENTO: Not able to access website after edit.

Solution: Simple Delete the maintenance.flag file in root folder and than delete cache folder inside var/ folder. For solve more magento problem..
November 15, 2014

GOOGLE: Google Maps iframe based on Variables

OFFICIAL EMBED GUIDE OFFICIAL WEB SERVICE COMMANDS   ZOOM Level: Not all applicable to Embeds   ACCOUNTS{name}%20+%20{a01_pais_accounts_name}%20+%20{a01_estados_accounts_name}%20 LEADS{a01_pais_leads_name},{account_name} Note that the […]
November 13, 2014

LINUX: crontab -e Editor Selector

First time you open crontab -e you can select the editor you want to use. Select an editor. To change later, run ‘select-editor’. 1. /bin/ed 2. […]
November 10, 2014

GOOGLE Apps: Bouncing Hotmail/Outlook

I’ve got a Linux CentOS Server, running CPanel as the server management software. I have use Google Apps for Business as my email provider and recently have received […]
November 10, 2014

CPanel: IP Blacklisted

Ip Blocked after multiple login attempts Run /scripts/cphulkdwhitelist IP-Address Include your clients IP and you're Good to Go cPanel is showing invalid login – The IP […]
November 4, 2014

JASPERSERVER: Backup all Reports

cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.6.1/buildomatic ./ --everything /public --output-zip