SugarCRM: Manually Remove Relationships
December 4, 2014
VMWare: Esxi Custom Install Server
December 17, 2014

On regular modules, when adding a Record to a Security Group, a line is created on the ‘securitygroups_records’ database. When doing this on a custom module, there is no line created on this table but really created on each particular customs table (For example, securitygroups_a01_sercios_c or securitygroups_a1_competencia_c) and the conclusion is that the records are not filtered correctly on the front end.


I´m using the free version of Security Groups, and now it seems this version is no longer available and the new version is 25$/month per instance. Furthermore I’m not able to see very good documentation or support on this matter.


  1. Pietro says:

    You need maket it manually

  2. Pietro says:

    You need maket the relationship it manually, so ever you create a record, this will

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