November 22, 2015

Apache: Configure Virtual Hosts

Very good explanation from the guys at Digital Ocean  
November 5, 2015

Sales Methodologies

Methodologies used by Salesforce 1) Value Selling (, and 2) Barry Rhein & Associates (
November 5, 2015

UBUNTU: Remove files older than 30 days

find /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* -mtime +60 -exec rm {} \;   Delete using the locate command:   locate acb | xargs rm -fr note that the “-fr” argument […]
November 4, 2015

Openbravo: Our instance is Broken

Our Openbravo instance has broken (I suspuct upon an update).  Why do I think this?: Period Control is empty on the Organization Data Sets are empty on the […]
November 4, 2015

Openbravo: NEW Installation (Old way Discontinued)

The old way of installing Openbravo on your server using the PPA Repository is discontinued. This means that using this old way of installing can only […]
November 4, 2015

UBUNTU/VirtualBox: Networking Problem on Cloned Virtual Instace

When you an Ubuntu Instance (On my specific case Ubuntu 12.04.5 Server) the network configuration is also cloned and your new server will not have networking. […]
November 3, 2015

OpenBravo: Apache ANT Compilation Commands

ant export.database ant compile.complete ant compile.deploy ant compile.complete.deploy
November 3, 2015

SugarCRM: IMAP Setting

Requirements: – Mail server needs on SugarCRM needs– Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. Please contact your administrator […]
November 3, 2015

Ubuntu 12.04.5 : APT-GET not working on New Install.

On a fresh install I try to update and upgrade the server and get the following error: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ Solution: apt-get clean rm -rf […]