Openbravo: Check los Logs

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The Openbravo Logs are located in: /opt/OpenbravoERP-3.0/tomcat/logs To change the Log Reporting Settings “Error, Debug, Info, Warn etc” you should go to: Session Preferences -> Change Logs -> And Set the desired Level for each category I believe the most important are: org org.openbravo But am not completely sure which processes control each log.


SugarCRM: MySQL Query Update Contacts

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Query 1 Adds Vendedor = 1 To All Contacts that are Joined to a Manufacturer     UPDATE contacts INNER JOIN a26_proveedor_contacts_c ON = a26_proveedor_contacts_c.a26_proveedor_contactscontacts_idb INNER JOIN contacts_cstm ON = contacts_cstm.id_c SET contacts_cstm.vendedor_c = 1   Query 2 Adds Cerrado¬†= 1 To All Contacts that are Joined to a Lead that’s Closed.   […]