SEO: Compress Images using ImageMagick

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convert /var/www/html/XXXXXXX/themes/default-bootstrap/img/manufacturers/ABB-big.jpg -strip -resize 333×333 -quality 85 -interlace JPEG -colorspace Gray/RGB /var/www/html/XXXXXXX/themes/default-bootstrap/img/manufacturers/ABB-big-compressed.jpg


SugarCRM: Delete Custom Field

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You have to check for following things. 1) Remove custom field entry in table “fields_meta_data” 2) Remove field from module_name_cstm table 2) Remove file from custom/extension/modules/<Yourmodule>/Ext/Vardefs/sugarfield_<Field name>.php 3) Remove field from all the view if you have added any.   Do quick repair & rebuild.   Reference:¬†https://community.sugarcrm.com/thread/26711