May 27, 2017

NAS: Reload Cron

On the Synology OS (…some type of linux…) after editing the crontab you need to reload it otherwise no changes are made. /usr/syno/sbin/synoservicectl –reload crond
May 27, 2017

JasperServer: Start Server on Boot

This is an excellent post, which not only shows you how to solve the startup problem, but illustrate the use of startup scripts.   Key […]
May 20, 2017

Python: For Financial Services

  Download Python ( Download matplotlib ( Numpy ( Python Installers:       cd \Users\Ricardo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\Scripts   pip install numpy pip install Matplotlib pip install pandas […]
May 9, 2017

Prestashop: Add custom column on Product Page and Display it on product.tpl

Steps: Create the table manually on the database. Declare the variable on /classes/product.php add the variable on /controllers/front/ProductController.php in the following matter. $product_tariff = $this->product->em_mg_tariff_code; $this->context->smarty->assign(‘tariff_code’, $product_tariff); […]
May 9, 2017

PHPMyAdmin: Securing web console

I installed PHPMyadmin to check my help manage my database, eventhough I also use the desktop program MySQL Workbench, I fell sometimes its important to use […]
May 8, 2017

Prestashop: No follow causing W3 non-compliance

The problem I believe has to do with changes on standards. The w3 validator shoes as an error to have multiple rel=”example” tags inside an argument. […]
May 7, 2017

Prestashop: Add Google Custom Search

  header.tpl line 135 Search box Code <div class=”google-search” > <div id=”global_shipping”><span>In Service Since 2009</span></div> <script> (function() { var cx = ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’; var gcse = document.createElement(‘script’); […]
May 7, 2017

Prestsahop: Edit Variables

I wanted to change the Manufacturer Name variable, to eliminate the spaces and replace it with a dash. I tried doing this with PHP, but it […]