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Backup Strategy: CentOS to Ubuntu

I run my production servers on a GoDaddy VPS and have a couple of Physical Servers at our office. Until now, we have been quite a bit irresponsible as we have not had a clear backup strategy and luckily have not had any catastrophe, but we’re starting to cover our backs with a backup strategy that will ensure immediate restoration after an event.

What are we trying to do:

– Daily Update of the File System: Thinking of creating an RSYNC from PRODUCTION to BACKUP to keep the files updated and create TAR images on the backup to have snapshots of whats happening.

– Daily Backup of the CRITICAL Databases from PRODUCTION to BACKUP

– Would like to create a MONTHLY complete server BACKUP so that it could be easily restored on another computer.


Installing RSYNC.

To be able to succesfully use RSYNC it’s very important to note that RSYNC needs to be installed on both servers; the RSYNC installation on UBUNTU is pretty straight forward, but on CENTOS it’s not. Before doing this installation I would like to be able to me a complete CENTOS Backup to be sure I’m covered in case something goes wrong with the RSYNC installation.

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