Asterisk: pjsip commands

pjsip dump endpt — Dump the res_pjsip endpt internals
pjsip export config_wizard primitives [to] — Export config wizard primitives
pjsip list aors — List PJSIP Aors
pjsip list auths — List PJSIP Auths
pjsip list channels — List PJSIP Channels
pjsip list ciphers — List available OpenSSL cipher names
pjsip list contacts — List PJSIP Contacts
pjsip list endpoints — List PJSIP Endpoints
pjsip list identifies — List PJSIP Identifies
pjsip list registrations — List PJSIP Registrations
pjsip list subscriptions {inbound|outbound} [like] — List active inbound/outbound subscriptions
pjsip list transports — List PJSIP Transports
pjsip qualify — Send an OPTIONS request to a PJSIP endpoint
pjsip reload qualify aor — Synchronize the PJSIP Aor qualify options
pjsip reload qualify endpoint — Synchronize the qualify options for all Aors on the PJSIP endpoint
pjsip reload — <no description available>
pjsip send notify — Send a NOTIFY request to a SIP endpoint
pjsip send register — Registers an outbound registration target
pjsip send unregister — Unregisters outbound registration target
pjsip set history {on|off|clear} — Enable/Disable PJSIP History
pjsip set logger {on|off|host} — Enable/Disable PJSIP Logger Output
pjsip show aors — Show PJSIP Aors
pjsip show aor — Show PJSIP Aor
pjsip show auths — Show PJSIP Auths
pjsip show auth — Show PJSIP Auth
pjsip show channels — Show PJSIP Channels
pjsip show channel — Show PJSIP Channel
pjsip show channelstats — Show PJSIP Channel Stats
pjsip show contacts — Show PJSIP Contacts
pjsip show contact — Show PJSIP Contact
pjsip show endpoints — Show PJSIP Endpoints
pjsip show endpoint — Show PJSIP Endpoint
pjsip show history — Display PJSIP History
pjsip show identifiers — List registered endpoint identifiers
pjsip show identifies — Show PJSIP Identifies
pjsip show identify — Show PJSIP Identify
pjsip show qualify aor — Show the PJSIP Aor current qualify options
pjsip show qualify endpoint — Show the current qualify options for all Aors on the PJSIP endpoint
pjsip show registrations — Show PJSIP Registrations
pjsip show registration — Show PJSIP Registration
pjsip show scheduled_tasks — Show all scheduled tasks
pjsip show settings — Show global and system configuration options
pjsip show subscription {inbound|outbound} — Show active subscription details
pjsip show subscriptions {inbound|outbound} [like] — Show active inbound/outbound subscriptions
pjsip show transports — Show PJSIP Transports
pjsip show transport — Show PJSIP Transport
pjsip show unidentified_requests — Show PJSIP Unidentified Requests
pjsip show version — Show the version of pjproject in use

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