Mautic: Campaign Stuck when Email has already been sent







I fixed it, at least temporarily.

What did I do:
It says: Duplicate entry ‘249-2079-1’ for key ‘mautic_campaign_rotation’. This could mean that a value inserted into the DB must be unique, while it’s not.

  1. I went into phpMyAdmin and opened the table maut_campaign_lead_event_log. This is where the error occurs.
  2. I then clicked ‘Structure’, scrolled down (below the columns) and clicked the + sign to see the indexes.
  3. Then I clicked on link to edit the index ‘maut_campaign_rotation’. This is the key.
  4. I changed the Indextype from UNIQUE to INDEX.
  5. Clicked start to save the index.

I flushed my log and now it works. The error is gone and my campaigns are running again.

I still need to investigate more if this change has more (unwanted) impact.

Any feedback would be great.


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