Mautic: Clear Bounces not working correctly

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Some emails are parsed, while others are not. It depends on the format of the email. Here are some highlights: Files of interest: /app/bundles/EmailBundle/MonitoredEmail/Processor/Bounce/DsnParser.php /app/bundles/EmailBundle/MonitoredEmail/Mailbox.php: /app/bundles/EmailBundle/MonitoredEmail/Processor/Bounce.php The process as I understand it is the following: Step 1.  On Mailbox.php you define what emails are considered for un-subscription. The default criteria es UNSEEN, which the process […]


Prestashop: PrestaShopExeption

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When inputting the incorrect Product ID. Would like to have this redirected to 404, as of now getting a 500 error that damages SEO To disable this you can disable DEBUG Mode on /config/ define(‘_PS_MODE_DEV_’, false); And you will get a 500 Error. I would like to get a 404 Error Instead. The Error is […]


PgSQL: View Rows Per Table

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Two Methods: First: SELECT schemaname,relname,n_live_tup FROM pg_stat_user_tables ORDER BY n_live_tup DESC;   Second: SELECT nspname AS schemaname,relname,reltuples FROM pg_class C LEFT JOIN pg_namespace N ON (N.oid = C.relnamespace) WHERE nspname NOT IN (‘pg_catalog’, ‘information_schema’) AND relkind=’r’ ORDER BY reltuples DESC;