Google: Google Maps iframe based on Variables

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OFFICIAL EMBED GUIDE OFFICIAL WEB SERVICE COMMANDS   ZOOM Level: Not all applicable to Embeds   ACCOUNTS{name}%20+%20{a01_pais_accounts_name}%20+%20{a01_estados_accounts_name}%20 LEADS{a01_pais_leads_name},{account_name} Note that the fields shown between {} are custom fields I have created on my installation to […]

SugarCRM: Agregar numero de cotizacion

Posted Leave a commentPosted in SugarCRM Hi , Try this 1) create one Text field name ‘opp_code_c’ keep it in all views through studio in Opportunity modules 2) in custom/modules/Opportunities/logic_hooks.php (see attachment) (add lines on existing file do not overwrite) 3) in custom/modules/Opportunities/add_code_hook.php¬†(see attachmehcnt) 4) […]