GoogleAPI: Drive Integration & Functions

posted on: Google You can authorize your server to interact directly with GD To test multiple examples of the API, you have to authorize the application to see the restults. Create Folders from Google Drive API Authorize Web Application on […]

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SugarCRM: Manually Remove Relationships

posted on: SugarCRM When you create a new relationship through Admin -> Studio -> <Module Name> -> Relationships, Sugar create several files at custom folders: Left Side Hand Relationship (module from which you created the relationship): custom/Extension/modules/<ModuleName>/Ext/Vardefs/<relationship_name>.php custom/Extension/modules/<ModuleName>/Ext/Layoutdefs/<relationship_name>.php custom/Extension/modules/<ModuleName>/Ext/Language/<relationship_name>.php Right Side Hand […]

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Google: Google Maps iframe based on Variables

posted on: SugarCRM

OFFICIAL EMBED GUIDE OFFICIAL WEB SERVICE COMMANDS   ZOOM Level: Not all applicable to Embeds   ACCOUNTS{name}%20+%20{a01_pais_accounts_name}%20+%20{a01_estados_accounts_name}%20 LEADS{a01_pais_leads_name},{account_name} Note that the fields shown between {} are custom fields I have created on my installation to […]

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