VirtualBox: GUI Install on Ubuntu Server

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Install VirtualBox on Server   Descargar PHPVIRTUALBOX de Install phpvirtualbox to be able to control through Web GUI


Adempiere: Installation

Posted on   This is a simple how to install ADempiere 3.7.0 on Ubuntu 11.04. There are alot of installation How-To’s, the reason I believe this might be useful is that the new 3.7.0 has some little twist in the installation and lots of the installation manuals here in the wiki are outdated. I will keep […]


OpenERP: Installation

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Reference Information:     Error… 1. On the instructions above, there are certain libraries missing, so you need to install them based on the error you are receiving when trying to start the server 2. After installing the server, cannot create database from the OpenERP Web Interfase because the problem with the […]

Tibco - Jasper Reports

JasperReports: Same File for Server and Desktop

Posted on   The best solution to this is to add an additional parameter like $P{IsOnServer}. Set the default value to true. For your subreport expression use this: $P{IsOnServer} ? “repo:mySubReport.jrxml” : “/local/path/to/mySubReport.jasper” When you run the report in iReport, you’ll be prompted for the value of IsOnServer. Make it false; the subreport expression will resolve to your […]


SugarCRM: Agregar numero de cotizacion

Posted on Hi , Try this 1) create one Text field name ‘opp_code_c’ keep it in all views through studio in Opportunity modules 2) in custom/modules/Opportunities/logic_hooks.php (see attachment) (add lines on existing file do not overwrite) 3) in custom/modules/Opportunities/add_code_hook.php (see attachmehcnt) 4) Then go to admin-> repair->quick repair and rebuild Archivos de soporte en el Dropbox, \Dropbox\ops\Sistemas\Scripts\Add Code […]