Ubuntu: Transfer Files Between to Ubuntu Servers via FTP

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Source: http://vikashazrati.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/quicktip-transferring-files-between-two-ubuntu-systems/ 1.  From Receipt Server Enter sftp -oPort=PORT user@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   2. Type Command get remote-path [local-path]   Other Commands cd path Changes remote directory to path. lcd path Changes local directory to path. chgrp grp path Changes group of file path to grp. grp must be a numeric GID. chmod mode path Changes permisssion of file path to mode. chown own path Changes owner of file path to own. own must be a numeric UID. exit Quits sftp get remote-path [local-path] Retrieves the remote-path and stores […]


OpenBravo: Conecting to PostgreSQL

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For regular configuration you will need to connect to the PostgreSQL, some of the basic programs you will be connecting from are: Jasper Reports (Ireport) A GUI Desktop Database Manager (PgAdmin) Jasper Server   To resolve this you will need to add the IP where you’ll be connecting from to the pg “firewall” The pg_hba.conf […]