mautic: configuration

posted on: Mautic   Add Mailto to the List-Unsubscribe Header: Go to -> /app/bundles/EmailBundle/Helper/MailHelper.php: Aproximately on line 1484 /** * Generate and insert List-Unsubscribe header. */ private function addUnsubscribeHeader() { if (isset($this->idHash)) { $unsubscribeLink = $this->factory->getRouter()->generate('mautic_email_unsubscribe', ['idHash' => $this->idHash], true); $this->headers['List-Unsubscribe'] = "<unsubscribe@[DOMAIN]>,<$unsubscribeLink>"; […]

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mautic: understanding how it works

posted on: Mautic

Add your contacts. Create your segments and apply the filters you want. Update the segments using this query php /var/www/html/[DOMAIN]/mail/app/console mautic:segments:update Rebuild Campaign php /var/www/html/[DOMAIN]/mail/app/console mautic:campaigns:rebuild Trigger Campaign ---> Note that once you trigger the campaign the email will appear […]

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