Mautic: Helpful Queries to Audit your System

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  To  check how many emails are triggered and sent for your campaigns Today. SELECT leads.id, leads.email, leads.company, leads.custom_mkt_drip, campaign_lead_event_log.* FROM campaign_lead_event_log left join leads on campaign_lead_event_log.lead_id = leads.id left join email_stats ON leads.email = email_stats.email_address WHERE DATE(date_triggered) = DATE(NOW()) AND campaign_lead_event_log.is_scheduled = 0 AND campaign_lead_event_log.channel = "email" AND metadata NOT LIKE "%failed%" ORDER BY […]


Prestashop: PrestaShopExeption

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When inputting the incorrect Product ID. Would like to have this redirected to 404, as of now getting a 500 error that damages SEO To disable this you can disable DEBUG Mode on /config/defines.inc.php   define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);   And you will get a 500 Error. I would like to get a 404 Error Instead.