openbravo: custom query to find invoice’s product account

SELECT c_invoice.documentno, c_invoiceline.linenetamt, –m_product_acct.m_product_id, –m_product_acct.ad_org_id, m_product_acct.p_expense_acct, FROM c_invoice LEFT JOIN c_invoiceline ON c_invoice.c_invoice_id = c_invoiceline.c_invoice_id LEFT JOIN m_product_acct ON c_invoiceline.m_product_id = m_product_acct.m_product_id LEFT JOIN c_elementvalue ON c_elementvalue.c_elementvalue_id = m_product_acct.p_expense_acct WHERE dateinvoiced > ‘2017-01-01 00:00:00’ AND dateinvoiced < ‘2017-12-31 00:00:00’ […]

openbravo: check los logs

The Openbravo Logs are located in: /opt/OpenbravoERP-3.0/tomcat/logs To change the Log Reporting Settings “Error, Debug, Info, Warn etc” you should go to: Session Preferences -> Change Logs -> And Set the desired Level for each category I believe the most […]

openbravo: custom changes

Keep track of the custom changes that can be lost when rebuilding: ADD DB Column c_order.po_refernce_no ADD DB Column c_order.tracking_number Display Logic for Business Partner on Financial Account Display Logic for Tracking Number on Goods Shipment — DELETED (@DeliveryViaRule@=’S’)

openbravo: add field

Create Field on Table ALTER TABLE c_order ADD COLUMN tracking_number VARCHAR(32); Create Record on “Tables and Colums” Only Click Create Columns from DB Add Field to “Windows, Tabs and Fields Only Click Create Fields After you do this you need […]