openbravo: ant smartbuild deleted custom db column

I recently updated the system using the built-in Modules Window on the Admin's Side and encountered an error on the update, so I decided to do a complete rebuild of the system using ANT SMARTBUILD just to wipe any problem that could have been created on the incomplete update process.

Prior to this, I had manually created a column on the C_ORDER table, which was PO_Reference (to input my customer's PO Number).

After the ANT Smartbuild everything was apparently fine, but a couple of days later when I tried to print an Invoice it did not work.

After half an hour of reading logs to try to see what was happening, I noticed that the print was failing because the SQL Query on the Invoice Template did not find my custom field (the PO Number is printed on the Invoice), so  I went to the DB to check if the column was there, and IT WAS GONE!!!

I re-created it manually (just to get the templates to print again), but the old information was gone.

Action Plan

There are two things to I need to do to solve this problem:

1- Manually restore restore the PO_Reference from a backup to my new DB. (Done!)

2-Make this custom column "upgrade safe" so it won't be deleted on the next Smartbuild. (Pending...)


UPDATE: This also happened with another field "c_order.tracking_number" so the Goods Shipment is not printing. I will definitely have to restore the old DB Columns as the tracking numbers are crucial for audit purposes.


Custom DB Columns Created:

- c_order.po_refernce_no
- c_order.tracking_number

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