iperf3: common commands

  from pfsense: Server or Client: -p, –port # server port to listen on/connect to -f, –format [kmgtKMGT] format to report: Kbits, Mbits, Gbits, Tbits -i, –interval # seconds between periodic throughput reports -I, –pidfile file write PID file -F, […]

prestashop: add supplier name to product page

  source: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/870116-how-to-display-supplier-products-on-producttpl/     on /override/ProductController.php add:   <?php class ProductController extends ProductControllerCore { public function initContent() { parent::initContent(); if ((int)$this->product->id_supplier) { $this->context->smarty->assign( ‘product_supplier’, new Supplier((int)$this->product->id_supplier, (int)$this->context->language->id) ); } } } on product.tpl add: {if isset($product_supplier)} <p id=”product_supplier”>      […]

jasper server 8.0 installation

      Instalación Manual De Servidor Jasper                 [echo] Handy Buildomatic Source Build Targets: [echo] [echo] [echo] Building Everything: [echo] ——————– [echo] [echo] build-all (Builds ce and pro source base, builds the pro […]