email address status codes

      421      Service not available, closing transmission channel 450      Requested mail action not taken: mailbox unavailable (e.g., mailbox busy) 451      Requested action aborted: error in processing 550      User’s mailbox was […]

prestashop: manufacturer page not showing canonical url

    files of interest: /var/www/html/msupply/themes/classic/templates/catalog/listing/manufacturer.tpl /var/www/html/msupply/controllers/front/listing/ManufacturerController.php /var/www/html/msupply/classes/Manufacturer.php   My hope was to define the manufacturer_url to add it as a canonical link, as the lack of it has SEO implications, but the URL is not defined on the classes/Manufacturer.php […]

iperf3: common commands

  from pfsense: Server or Client: -p, –port # server port to listen on/connect to -f, –format [kmgtKMGT] format to report: Kbits, Mbits, Gbits, Tbits -i, –interval # seconds between periodic throughput reports -I, –pidfile file write PID file -F, […]