prestashop: manufacturer page not showing canonical url



files of interest:

  • /var/www/html/msupply/themes/classic/templates/catalog/listing/manufacturer.tpl
  • /var/www/html/msupply/controllers/front/listing/ManufacturerController.php
  • /var/www/html/msupply/classes/Manufacturer.php


My hope was to define the manufacturer_url to add it as a canonical link, as the lack of it has SEO implications, but the URL is not defined on the classes/Manufacturer.php file.



update: 2023-01-08


go to: ../themes/classic/templates/catalog/listing/manufacturer.tpl for some reason the {$brand.url} variable returns an empty value so we'll get the value using another method.

so just replace

<link rel="canonical" href="{$brand.url}">


<link rel="canonical" href="{$link->getManufacturerLink({$})}">




update: 2023-01-08

there was an additional problem when paginating the results:


{if {$listing.pagination.current_page} == 1}
  <link rel="canonical" href="{$link->getManufacturerLink({$})}">

{if {$listing.pagination.current_page} > 1}
  <link rel="canonical" href="{$link->getManufacturerLink({$})}?page={$listing.pagination.current_page}">


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