mysql: capitalize first word of all words

credits to:   create a function:   CREATE FUNCTION CAP_FIRST (input VARCHAR(255)) RETURNS VARCHAR(255) DETERMINISTIC BEGIN DECLARE len INT; DECLARE i INT; SET len = CHAR_LENGTH(input); SET input = LOWER(input); SET i = 0; WHILE (i < len) DO […]

mysql: min value per group

surprisingly, to find the min date per company, which is a super basic query, on mysql you need to do a complicated query.    SELECT,,, a.custom_last_email FROM leads a INNER JOIN ( SELECT company, MIN(custom_last_email) mindate FROM […]

pgsql: create table inside database

Example   CREATE TABLE c_ordernotes ( c_ordernotes_id numeric(10,0) CONSTRAINT firstkey PRIMARY KEY, ad_client_id numeric(10,0) NOT NULL, ad_org_id numeric(10,0) NOT NULL, isactive character(1), created timestamp DEFAULT current_timestamp, createdby numeric(10,0), updated timestamp DEFAULT current_timestamp, updatedby numeric(10,0), c_order_id numeric(10,0), line numeric(10,0), notes_name varchar(255), […]

pgsql: replace add break

UPDATE m_product SET em_mg_longdescription = regexp_replace(em_mg_longdescription,’————‘,chr(13)) WHERE em_mg_manufacturer = 1000637 AND value = ‘IMI-YW356A01′     Some additional replace scripts   UPDATE m_product SET em_mg_longdescription = regexp_replace(em_mg_longdescription,'</li>’,chr(10)) WHERE em_mg_manufacturer = 1000637   UPDATE m_product SET em_mg_longdescription = replace(em_mg_longdescription,'<li>’,”) WHERE em_mg_manufacturer […]

phpmyadmin: securing web console

I installed PHPMyadmin to check my help manage my database, eventhough I also use the desktop program MySQL Workbench, I fell sometimes its important to use the webconsole. Recently, upon checking my MySQL Logs (/var/logs/mysql/error.log) I encountered that everyday I […]