geoip: ubuntu 14.04

First Reference How to use iptables in Ubuntu to block whole countries Second Reference Block entire countries on Ubuntu server with Xtables and GeoIP   Third Reference Significant Changes to Accessing and Using GeoLite2 Databases   Fourth Reference Automatic Updates […]

mautic: bounces process only bounced today

Go to Mailbox.php   public function searchMailbox($criteria = self::CRITERIA_ALL) { $criteria = ‘SINCE “‘.date(“Y-m-d”).’”‘; #$criteria = ‘ALL’; if (preg_match(‘/’.self::CRITERIA_UID.’ ((\d+):(\d+|\*))/’, $criteria, $matches)) { // PHP imap_search does not support UID n:* so use imap_fetch_overview instead $messages = imap_fetch_overview($this->getImapStream(), $matches[1], FT_UID); […]

mautic: use different body parser

Include a different body parser on your file Installation 1: …/app/bundles/EmailBundle/MonitoredEmail/Processor/Bounce/BodyParser.php:   Installation 2 (which has the body partse you want to use) include ‘…/app/bundles/EmailBundle/MonitoredEmail/Processor/Bounce/BodyParser.php’;

asterisk: connect 2 boxes

    BOX 1: pjsip.conf ;=============== REGISTRATION [do] type=registration outbound_auth= auth server_uri=sip:do@XXXXXX client_uri=sip:do@XXXXXX retry_interval=60 [do_auth] type=auth auth_type=userpass username=do password=PASSWORD [do] type=aor contact=sip:XXXXXX:5060 [do] type=endpoint context=do disallow=all allow=ulaw outbound_auth=auth aors=do ;[do] ;type=identify ;endpoint=do ;match=XXXXXX   BOX 1:  extensions.conf exten => 1208,1,DIAL(PJSIP/1208@do) […]