OpenBravo: Goods Receipt & Purchase Invoice not Posting on C_Order Table

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Proposed Solution:   This issue is duplicated of 0011233. Please find below how these values are used in Procurement. This feature request is rejected because the way Openbravo manages quantities for goods receipts and purchase invoice is completely different than for sales. For procurement Openbravo uses 2 tables: 1. M_Matchpo ============ Here you match […]


UBUNTU: Resize HD Size

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1 – reduce the filesystem. Ex: resise2fs /dev/vg0/lvol0 40G 2 – reduce the lv . ex : lvresise -L 30G logicalvol 3 – reduce the vg … etc..     lvreduce???   How To Create LVM Using vgcreate, lvcreate, and lvextend lvm2 Commands