Asterisk: Zoiper + Grandstream FXO Bad Call Quality

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I’ve got my Asterisk box Setup with a Granstream FXO to connecto to the Land Lines. I’ve got a FXS to connect the Analog Phones to Asterisk also. Now, when I call from the Analog phones call quality is great, but when I call from a Softphone (Zoiper), call quality sucks. I’ve tried matching the […]


OB: SI Total not printing

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Invoice Total was not printing; I replaced the Subtotal Formula on the Total Field, this is a quickfix but will not add in the case were there is Tax. I suspect that the variable¬†$V{TOTAL_TAXAMT} is not being passed corrrectly from the subreport which makes the formula fail. Subtotal: ($V{TOTAL_LINENETAMT}!=null)?$P{NUMBERFORMAT}.format($V{TOTAL_LINENETAMT}):new String(” “) Total: ($V{TOTAL_LINENETAMT}.add($V{TOTAL_TAXAMT})!=null)?$P{NUMBERFORMAT}.format($V{TOTAL_LINENETAMT}.add($V{TOTAL_TAXAMT})):new String(” “)