my spinning bike selection


i'm in the market for a good spinning bike to do my zone 2 and zone 5 training as per Peter Attia's recommendation. one of the most rounded solution is the Schwinn IC4, the only problem i see is that it does not have a standard power meter with Watts output, is has some other measure which I'm not sure can be translated to watts.

the link below:


The schwinn ic4 is the exact same as the bowflex c6 (they have the same parent company).

what i look for the spin bike is:

  • good construction and ergonomics
  • power output (very important to be able to compare my heart rate at different power outputs)
  • no subscription or monthly fees (for example peloton)
  • less than $1000, preferably in the $500-$700 range (i believe the ic4 can be bought at a discounted price of $500). best buy used to have it on sale around that price.


i may ne waiting for a new model with upgraded technology as the ic4 is a couple of years old now.


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