openbravo: document disabled for posting

Error Message 1:
Account could not be found.

Solution 1:
Payment method needs to get adjusted so that the Posting process is configured.

Error Message 2:
Account Not Defined For: Customer Receivables || Owner: Cargill de Nicaragua S.A || Accounting Schema: World Bridge Trading - Dollar

Solution 2:
The is not Accounting Configuration on the Business Partner for selected Organization

Error Message 3:
Account could not be found.

Solution 3:
There is a problem with the product line Tax Accounting Configuration

Error Message 3 (Sales Invoice):
Account could not be found.

Solution: One of the products on the Invoice does not have Accounting Configured.


Payment IN

Post: Document Disabled

A Reconciliation of any type can be posted if the Payment Method used while creating the payment to be reconciled allows to do so once assigned to the financial account. If that is not the case Openbravo shows a warning : "Document disabled for accounting".


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