ubuntu: vps resource limits

I currently have some of my business's systems (HR, Reporting, Training) on a Server sitting on my home office; in this sense and preparing for a challenging 2014, I'm planning to move forward to a professional solution to host my systems on the web, so after some research I decided to go with 1and1 Hosting where I chose an XXL Virtual Server (https://www.1and1.com/vps-hosting?__lf=Static&linkId=hd.subnav.vps) for about 60 USD/month. I spend a couple of days configuring the system and to my surprise I found it working with some glitches, for example got some 500 Errors and Slow Loading times.
Upon reviewing the logs I was able to find the following:Untitled-1

As I'm on a VPS I'm getting my resources limited and getting slow performance and even shutdown even when the server is not even on production mode.

After this new, I will be considering if I cancel this new VPS, because I'm willing to pay more for performance and reliability, but I'm getting less performance (as the server on my home office has 12 GB of ram, 2 x 1 TB Drive) and gaining reliability (internet and power guaranteed).

I will take a look at Comcast Business Class for a Service Agreement Internet and check out APC's UPS on the web to see if I upgrade my office server and completely manage my infrastructure on my own.

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