openbravo: accounting check

I'm working on the Financial Statement of My Company, we sell Industrial Equipment and spare parts to big companies on Latin America; right now I want to make a report that shows my sales based on the inventory I've got on my warehouse, the basic structure is the following:

  • What did I sell? (Use Sales Order)
  • What did I buy? (Use Purchase Order)
  • What did I receive on my warehouse? (Use Goods Receipt)
  • What am I being charged for this items? (Use Purchase Invoice)
  • What did I ship? (Use Goods Shipment)
  • What did I charge my customers? (Use Sales Invoice)
  • What's Left In Stock? (Check if there is a Specific Stock Report or else do the math with the above reports.)

I want to do this on Product to Product & Order to Order basis to reconfirm every order that has been sold is accounted and what level of inventory do I have on my warehouse.

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