openbravo: our instance is broken

Our Openbravo instance has broken (I suspuct upon an update).  Why do I think this?:

  • Period Control is empty on the Organization
  • Data Sets are empty on the Organization
  • I cannot Post a Goods Receipt or Goods Shipment

I installed a fresh copy of OB on a Virtualbox server to test if this was the new normal after update but it appears the its only my instance that has the problem. I will backup my instance and try to see the best option, but the options I see are:

  • Try to solve this problem on the current instance
  • Try to migrate to a new OB Instance (I suspect that this will be a mess)
  • Try to look for another system that actually works. I tried contacting support, opened a ticket and the support was a joke. After a week they closed the ticket and put the problem as "Solved"

Note that I have the Community Version.

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