esxi: on what hd is the os installed



I'm on the process of replacing a couple of old hard drives on my ESXi Server, but I don't know where the OS is Installed.

esxcfg-info -e

Run the following command.

esxcli system boot device get


Boot Filesystem UUID: 7f1ee37c-7b1bb9f9-574b-eca50bbdb3c2
Boot NIC:
Stateless Boot NIC:

The next question is how to connect that UUID to a Physical Drive.


esxcli storage filesystem list


/vmfs/volumes/52d5c765-f8a3c680-30fc-d4ae52c88f7b datastore2 52d5c765-f8a3c680-30fc-d4ae52c88f7b true VMFS-5 2000112582656 1971883868160
/vmfs/volumes/51d059a8-f73e6fa8-5a6f-d4ae52c88f7b datastore1 51d059a8-f73e6fa8-5a6f-d4ae52c88f7b true VMFS-5 994821799936 929362345984
/vmfs/volumes/51d059a8-6728ff72-8e12-d4ae52c88f7b 51d059a8-6728ff72-8e12-d4ae52c88f7b true vfat 4293591040 4270522368
/vmfs/volumes/7f1ee37c-7b1bb9f9-574b-eca50bbdb3c2 7f1ee37c-7b1bb9f9-574b-eca50bbdb3c2 true vfat 261853184 125140992
/vmfs/volumes/9394d476-59d3dad0-990c-98ee0046b447 9394d476-59d3dad0-990c-98ee0046b447 true vfat 261853184 261844992
/vmfs/volumes/51d05999-9c62224a-3852-d4ae52c88f7b 51d05999-9c62224a-3852-d4ae52c88f7b true vfat 299712512 84123648


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