idempiere: cleaning demo data

The following tables use space on my database and for the use I have for the system I will not use them (I don't need accounting because I use another system for this). So I'll delete them.

"adempiere"."m_product_acct" 5904 kB 2344 kB 8248 kB
"adempiere"."m_cost" 4520 kB 3568 kB 8088 kB
"adempiere"."m_product_po" 4696 kB 3192 kB 7888 kB
"adempiere"."m_product_trl" 4152 kB 3528 kB 7680 kB



m_producto_po: I will not clean it until I create the manufacturer on the m_product table. After this I'll wipe this table.


The queries I used:

DELETE FROM m_product WHERE ad_client_id != 1000000;

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