best bi software

  • JasperSoft
  • Pentaho
  • Watson Analytics *** Very Poor (even cancelled the trial) ***
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • AWS Quick Sight *** Still on Trial ***
  • DELL - Boomi *** No Trial that I was Able to see ***


SQL Graphs review from Quora...


  1. Chartio : for the data-consuming portion of the company.  Most of our small company has not learned SQL, so Chartio provides an easy, light-weight tool for some basic data pulls (eg "how many members are in New York?").  Also, the dashboard system and chart variety are both built-up and quickly-customizable, so we'll typically put complete analysis/reporting in a dash so consumers can visit it at their leisure. This is where our productionalized analyses live.
  2. Mode : for the data-manipulation portion of the company.  Great layout for querying, quick-and-easy tool for exploring our data set, easy to run queries and iterate.  Somewhat terrible system for finding previous queries (sorry, but the search needs work and the list/reports/drafts thing is something I struggle with).  But when you're prototyping a query, it's perfect.  It's graphing is pretty basic, but good for quick views.  This is where our prototyping analyses live.
  3. Periscope : for the data-reactive portion of the company.  We use this specifically for the alerts system.  eg "Is the site down?  Are mobile orders on-pace with desktop? Did Redshift load the latest data?"  I love the query tools and dashboarding, but it's "off-brand" for us and a bit less polished than Chartio.  It also is a downer that you can't really just muck about it, everything is in a chart.  This is where our alerting lives.

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