prestashop: faceted filter

In Prestashop the Price Slider does not work, so you're left with "range lists" which are not helpful. 

To kind of control the limits on these "Range Lists" I tweaked the following file: 


LINE 1026:

'.(int) Tools::ps_round($max_price[$currency['id_currency']] * (100 + $max_tax_rate) / 100, 0).')';


Changed to this:


'.(int) Tools::ps_round($max_price[$currency['id_currency']] * (2), 2).')';


This will basically double the top limit and give you less lines on  your range (see image below). (My top range was half so I kind of had twice the lines). 


I still do not like this "solution", but may be good enough until I have time to find a better one.


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