ubuntu: resolve out of memory


Out of memory: Kill process 10356 (mysqld)


This happens because the system is out of memory, you should investigate the reason. It is not necessarily a MySQL problem, there may be a memory leak somewhere else that leaves little memory (ram) to continue working. There are several workarounds to this.

  1. The easy way is to increase RAM on your server. You can upgrade your RAM with your provider (Example: GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, AWS etc.). This may not solve the underlying problem but may help.
  2. Use SWAP, which uses part of the harddrive as RAM when ram is exhausted. It will definately be slower but your system wont crash. Note that SWAP will degrade SSDs as it read and writes a lot of data and may lead them to failure.
  3. Try to find the memory leak and resolve the problem



How to Activat SWAP





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