unifi: configure dtim and beacon interval


The DTIM can be changed through the controller, but the Beacon is not that easy.


It can kind of be modified via  SSH but there are problems upon restart.


will test the DTIM from its default 3 to 6 to see if this changes our connection issues, then will continue to explore the Beacon.




To see current Beacon Interval Value:

iwpriv ath0 get_bintval


To change to your desired value (in my case 1000)

iwpriv ath0 bintval 1000



cfgmtd -w -p /etc or save


To adjust the DTIM period from CLI


To see current period:

iwpriv ath0 get_dtim_period


To input a new period:

iwpriv ath0 dtim_period 4

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