2021 top opensource erps

we currently use two opensource erps to mange our business:

  • openbravo: to manage our formal accounting
  • idempiere: to manage our stock (which we have thousands of products)

both systems are outdated, the projects have dated and its probably time to migrate to new solution.

as per github, top opensource erp projects are:

  1. odoo (former openerp) - 21k stars
  2. erpnext - 8k stars
  3. dolibarr - 2.4 starts


we user openerp on the past and it was pretty crappy. they advertised they did everything (sales, hr, inventory etc etc) but everything was half baked, and dificult to modify.

we're going towards dolibarr, but need to ensure it will be easily customized to our needs, but none of them are enterprise built as idempiere or even openbravo was.

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