openbravo: backup


I will describe the procedure I use to backup my Openbravo Production environment, I’m well aware this is not the best and most efficient way and will try to continually find better options to do it.


1. Go to Production environment and Sign in through SSH Console (you can use Putty or other SSH Clients)

2. Stop the Openbravo Server

sudo /etc/init.d/openbravo stop
3. Make a Backup of the entire Openbravo “Instance” (all the files and database are contained in the OpenBravoERP Folder inside /opt
cd /opt
sudo tar cvzf OpenbravoERP-3.0.tar.gz OpenbravoERP-3.0

4. Restart OpenBravo Server
sudo /etc/init.d/openbravo start

I usually have problems restarting the server, and from time to time have to reboot the entire server for this to work propertly.


In order to restore the backup:

sudo /etc/init.d/openbravo stop
cd /opt
rm -r OpenbravoERP-3.0
sudo tar xvzpf OpenbravoERP-3.0.tar.gz
sudo /etc/init.d/openbravo start

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